Why PHP is needed

Before understand Why PHP is needed we should know about What is PHP ? PHP is a server-side scripting programming language designed for building websites and web applications.What you need to pay attention to:

ServerPHP scripts are executed on the server. This is how PHP differs from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are executed by the browser.

We cannot just open a PHP file in a browser, as we are used to doing with HTML files. For PHP scripts to work, a special program is required – a web server.

Script. When you start programs like Excel or Photoshop, it is assumed that they can work without time constraints, expecting more and more new commands from you.

PHP works differently. PHP scripts are designed to execute a set of commands at a time. The script started, completed its task and “died”. And so on every start.

Why PHP is needed

The PHP language is needed to write programs that run on the server and perform various server-side tasks such as sending mail, interacting with a database, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at examples.

Example 1: processing forms

On almost any site you can find a form like this:An example of a regular HTML form

Forms have very different purposes: registration and authorization, ordering, paying for something, comments on the forum and many other functions.

So that’s it. With HTML and CSS, we can define the appearance of the form. With Javascript, we can add beautiful animation effects.

However, we cannot process the data contained in this form. You cannot save information about a client in a single database, authorize a user, send a letter to him by E-mail, etc.

To solve such problems, we need a special programming language that can run on the server. PHP is one such language.

Example 2: generating HTML

PHP is also used to automatically generate HTML pages.An example of a product catalog in an online store

Large online stores can have thousands of product names. We could of course create a separate html page for each product, but imagine how long it will take to create these pages.

Thanks to the combination of PHP and any modern DBMS (database management system), we can create just one html template, and PHP will already substitute goods from the database into it.

What PHP is for

The PHP language is ideal for creating websites and web applications of any complexity. Blogs, online stores, landing pages (one-page sites), APIs and other web services can all be done in PHP.

PHP is also suitable for writing console scripts. You can run them both once and at regular intervals.

As far as desktop applications are concerned, PHP has a rather meager toolkit, so in practice PHP is not suitable for writing desktop and mobile applications.

Why PHP?

These are the important points for Why PHP is needed in web development field:

  • Huge popularity . Any problem that a beginner may encounter has most likely already met with other people, which means that the solution will not be difficult to find on the Internet.
  • Support by hosting providers. Almost any hosting provider can provide hosting or virtual server with PHP already installed and configured. Some other languages ​​need manual installation.
  • Great community . The forums are home to a sea of ​​PHP developers willing to help solve particularly difficult problems.
  • Low entry threshold . PHP is easy to get started with, it has a fairly simple syntax.

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