Why Laravel?

Around 2000, most PHP code was procedural and could be found in the form of “scripts” that would be a mess of spaghetti code. Even on the simplest pages, there was no separation of concerns , and thus it was fairly easy for the application to quickly turn into a maintenance nightmare. The World Needs Something Better … Enter PHP version 5 and a host of PHP frameworks trying to bring much needed resolution and better solutions to various web application needs.

Since then, we’ve seen many frameworks released that would pave the way for the popular frameworks that exist and are in use today. Today, the top three (in our opinion) will include Zend Framework, Symfony and, of course, Laravel. While each of these platforms was based on similar principles and focused on solving (mostly) the same common problems, their key differences lie in their implementation. They each have their own quirks about how to solve problems. When you look at the code generated by each of them, you will see that there is a rather solid line separating them from each other. In our humble opinion, Laravel is the best.

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