Application design: quickly reducing our requirements

In this online tutorial, we will create a very simple application that will only do two things:

  1. handle file uploads from web form
  2. display of previously uploaded files on another page.

For this project, our application will be write-only. This means that the user can only write files and view the list of downloaded files. This application is very simple, but it should serve as a good practice to start developing your Laravel skills and knowledge. Note that I’ve ruled out any modeling, migration, and database authentication for brevity, but in a real application these are additional things you’ll want to consider.

Here is a list of the components we need to get the app to work properly:

    • A route that will allow the outside world (Internet) to use the application, and also specify an endpoint that will indicate where the logic for saving the downloaded file is located
  • The controller that handles the response stream request
  • The template that will be used to display a list of previously uploaded files and the actual upload form itself
  • Request for what the controller will use to validate the data submitted from the web form


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